How do you feel about the meetings that you attended today? Were they inspiring, engaging, uplifting, and productive? Did you feel like your voice was heard and that you were able to truly benefit from the diverse expertise in the room? Did you leave the meeting thinking, “This was a great use of my time and energy!” Come on, be honest, did you have fun? If not, you are not alone.

Meetings that feel meaningless typically suffer from one (or more) of the following:

  • The true meeting objective is not clear to everyone in attendance
  • The right people are not in attendance
  • The agenda for the meeting is not designed to meet the objective(s)
  • The agenda for the meeting is not designed with consideration for diverse attendees
  • People have differing opinions, views, and preferences that complicate communication and take meetings off track
  • No one has responsibility for the process of the meeting

Plenty of us are suffering from meeting mania- filling our days with tons of meetings that drain our energy as well as mental and creative resources. But meetings don’t have to hurt. In fact, as a necessary part of creative work, meetings really should be valuable and enjoyable, but they rarely are. Fortunately, it is possible to design better meetings, meetings that actually matter. If the mere thought of accepting another meeting invite has you murmuring, “Not another F-ing meeting!” under your breath, then we have just the event for you!

Join us at Mod on August 21 at 5 pm for a presentation on Meetings That Matter and learn to:

  • Diagnose the objective of any meeting and plan an agenda to ensure it is met
  • Identify and practice fundamental modes of thinking to promote creative collaboration
  • Manage diverse roles and preferences that impact team and meeting dynamics

This interactive talk is offered by Designstein and hosted by the IIDA Southwest chapter. Evening includes happy hour with beverage and light appetizers followed by CEU experience. Attendance qualifies for CEU credit through NCIDQ. To register visit the IIDA Southwest website.