Suffering from writers block lead author and TED Talker Austin Kleon to the newspaper, where he clipped the words of others into his “Blackout Poems.” Some critics told him he was unoriginal, so Kleon did some research into the past. All the way back to the 1760s he traced other authors who had created similar poems, out of words cut from pre printed pages.

Nothing is completely original! Everything is influenced by what comes before!

“Good artist copy…great artists steal” – Picasso

“The only art I’ll ever study, is stuff I can steal from.” – David Bowie

Like your genetic characteristics come from your ancestors, your ideas (your art) are a combination of all the things you have let into your life. So, with the acceptance that his Blackout Poems were stolen from artists of the past, Kleon decided to continue his artistic thievery and create a body of work that robbed ideas from all the artists he had ever admired.

“There is no such thing as good art or bad art, just art worth stealing or not worth stealing.” – Austin Kleon

What artists should you steal from? How can your past brushes with greatness inspire you to overcome creative blocks and make art others want to steal?

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