Desigstein Live! Face to Face Explosions of Genius

Do you have a studio in the Phoenix area and would like a live Designstein course? We currently have three live CEU workshops available for scheduling!

Designing for Historic Spaces

earn Interior Design and LEED CEUs!

We have this workshop on the books! Register now – space is limited.

Join historian Alison King and interior designer Rachel Simmons for a unique design workshop experience!

Specialize, Protect the Past, and Practice Intelligent Design.

When the past is preserved appropriately, a diverse and unique design landscape is created, but renovating the architecture and/or interiors of historic spaces requires a little extra love and attention. Increase your expertise and land the project when you tell would-be clients that you have historic-design training, and can not only help them celebrate the unique charm their space has to offer, but can also increase their property value and maximize their design dollars!

 Interior Design and LEED professionals will earn CEUs! This would also be a great learning experience for architects, builders, and real estate professionals.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify historic structures and interiors
  • Architectural research techniques
  • The definition and significance of historic preservation
  • How to identify the historic style(s) and recognize character-defining features
  • How to successfully blend the past with the present…and design for the future
  • Incorporate sustainable design strategy while preserving history

The workshop will be held at the beautiful Burton Barr Phoenix Public Library so you can apply your new historic expertise hands on and research an actual property! Bring your own project or practice on a unique property we provide.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Meetings that Matter

1 CEU – Great for lunch hour learning!
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How do you feel about the meetings that you attended today? Were they inspiring, engaging, uplifting, and productive? Did you feel like your voice was heard and that you were able to truly benefit from the diverse expertise in the room? Did you leave the meeting thinking, “This was a great use of my time and energy!” Come on, be honest, did you have fun? If not, you are not alone.

Meetings that feel meaningless typically suffer from one (or more) of the following:

  • The true meeting objective is not clear to everyone in attendance
  • The right people are not in attendance
  • The agenda for the meeting is not designed to meet the objective(s)
  • The agenda for the meeting is not designed with consideration for diverse attendees
  • People have differing opinions, views, and preferences that complicate communication and take meetings off track
  • No one has responsibility for the process of the meeting

Plenty of us are suffering from meeting mania- filling our days with tons of meetings that drain our energy as well as mental and creative resources. But meetings don’t have to hurt. In fact, as a necessary part of creative work, meetings really should be valuable and enjoyable, but they rarely are. Fortunately, it is possible to design better meetings, meetings that actually matter. If the mere thought of accepting another meeting invite has you murmuring, “Not another F-ing meeting!” under your breath, then we have just the event for you!

In this information-packed CEU -packed CEU, Designstein professor Tamara Christensen will help you learn to:

  • Diagnose the objective of any meeting and plan an agenda to ensure it is met
  • Identify and practice fundamental modes of thinking to promote creative collaboration
  • Manage diverse roles and preferences that impact team and meeting dynamics

Make Every Client Love You!


1 CEU – Great for Lunch and Learning!

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Are you walking around with a rap sheet of less than meaningful client relationships? It’s not YOUR fault! The truth is that designers were not trained properly for good client relations. While your five-star studio-based education does do quite a bit to tame your ego and prep you for baring your creative soul, it does little to ready you for the world of human interaction…and sales!

This course catapults your design business to the next level by shedding light on your client relationships.  Gone is the old school approach to consultations and interactions, replaced by a loving approach to creating meaningful client relationships.  Do you want to make your clients fall in love with you (so they have no problem covering your fees)? Do you want to fall in love with your clients (so you enjoy every minute of your work)?  Take this killer course to a super charged designer-client romance.

In this course fun and positively-focussed CEU Designstein professor Rachel Simmons will help you learn to:

  • Make clients feel important
  • Arouse desire in their clients and create a sense of urgency for the project
  • Develop a strong bond of trust with their client
  • Ensure repeat business
  • Maintain positive and meaningful client relationships

Reawaken Your Artist


3 CEU’s – Great for happy hour or an afternoon of creativity!

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Do you feel a little less than energized? Are you overwhelmed by the business of design and underwhelmed by the creativity of design? Remind yourself why this was your chosen profession! In this class you will reawaken the artist within and tap into that creative genius of yours through artistic exercises. For three hours you will get to let go and free flow, reviving your electric creativity!

In this 3 hour CEU Designstein professors will help you:

  • Inspire and awaken the artist within
  • Rejuvenate and invigorate your designerly soul
  • Focus on the importance of the arts on a conceptual level within the interior environment