Not everyone places the words LOVE and BUSINESS into the same sentence, but if you want to increase your value, take charge of your income, and have more fun with your work, you’ve got to spark a loving designer-client romance (platonically, of course).

Gary Chapman’s best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, outlines various method’s in which people like to give and receive love. Understanding your Love Languages, and those of your clients, is one step you can take toward developing meaningful and lasting working relationships…which lead to a much happier and rewarding design projects!

And, and interpersonal interaction genius Dale Carnegie has taught us, people remember how you make them feel MORE than what you say. When you take action and attend to your client’s Love Languages, you make your client FEEL IMPORTANT. And when you make them feel important…they find you to be VERY IMPORTANT as well…cha-ching!

Take the Love Language profile quiz to discover what makes you feel important and appreciated, and then take the Designstein online CEU course, “Make Every Client Love You,” to learn more about how you can put your Love Languages into action and show the world your awesomeness!