Want to make every client love you? Of course you do! Why? Because when your clients love you, your projects are more enjoyable and you make more money! When you build solid and positive client relationships with your interior design clients your fees are more quickly accepted and paid, your design concepts are more likely to be approved, and you will see more work flood into your studio.

Are you walking around with a rap sheet of less than meaningful client relationships? It’s not YOUR fault! The truth is that designers were not trained properly for good client relations. While your five-star studio-based education does do quite a bit to tame your ego and prep you for baring your creative soul, it does little to ready you for the world of human interaction, and sales.

What shocks many in the design business is the way in which you were taught to present your work to instructors, peers, and jury, is the cause of so much misery among creative professionals. These methods are the reason that while your work may outshine all others, YOU don’t get the job.

The scary truth is the way designers were trained to present their work actually counters how clients are naturally engaged: we sell ourselves based on our own histories, rather than focusing on our client’s future.

One key to mastering the designer-client romance is to make your client feel important. To do this, give some love! People remember how you make them feel less than what you say. If you make your client feel important they will enjoy being around you, and maintain positive feelings about you in general.

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