Professors Electric design genius

  • Tamara Christensen, MSD, ABD

  • Catalyst, Inquiring Mind, Curriculator

I design, facilitate, research, inspire, train, challenge and catalyze creativity.

I drink white wine, ideate during warrior pose, singtalk, and spontaneously design workshops.

I like the feel of hiking through hot nature, doing yoga with a live gong soundtrack, starting books (not necessarily finishing them) and raising my son to be a Willy Wonka Mythbuster.

I hate cleaning my house but I do it anyway, if I could own only one thing it would be the perfect pen (in multiple colors), and I love to talk to strangers.

You will currently find me collaborating, hosting dinner parties by the pool, or making messy notes that only I can read.

I also make a mean homemade pasta and Sunday sauce.

Tamara is the founder of Idea Farm where she helps cultivate creativity, harvest ideas and unearth innovation through training, facilitation, and research. Tamara knows, deep down in her heart, that every single human being is capable of breathtaking creative thinking and she is honored to help.

  • Rachel Simmons, MSD, IIDA, LEED GA

  • Creativist, Pedagogue, Design Diva

I design, write, educate, annoy, inspire, flirt, photograph, and motivate.

I drink red wine, innovate on the stair master, sing while driving, and have insatiable wanderlust.

Bicep curls are my favorite exercise, Richard Bach is my reluctant messiah, and my son is my creative catalyst.

I hate painting my nails but do it anyway, If I could only own one thing it would be a comfortable bed, and I secretly love to two step.

You will currently find me planning the next work shop, hosting a happy hour, or jotting down a few words.

I also make a mean cassoulet.

Rachel is a design professor for Arizona State University, Maricopa Community Colleges, and the Art Institute.  Her areas of research include: technology and design education, sustainable design, and historic architecture and interiors.

  • Rachel Rosso, MSD, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C

  • Dream Starter, Soul Stirrer, Inquisitor

Rachel Rosso, raised in the plains of Iowa, graduated with a BFA in interior design from Iowa State University in 1998. It was through the study abroad program offered at Iowa State that Rachel awakened to the emotive sway of the intangibles of a built environment and the aroma of old world architecture. Due to this experience the concept of weaving the intangibles to generate place has become a common thread in Rachel’s designs.

Rachel began her professional career with a strong focus in hospitality design at Shaw Hofstra + Associates in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2005 Rachel relocated to Arizona to pursue a Masters of Science Degree with a design focus from Arizona State University. For her thesis Rachel chose to explore the intangibles of place with a focus on the olfactory system. Through two years of research and a self-generated case study, Rachel revealed that aroma can persuade a positive physiological response in humans.

Upon completion of her Masters degree in 2007 Rachel Rosso took a senior design position at Gensler where she was allowed to continue to explore aroma and weave it into workplace, hospitality, and health and wellness projects. She was also able to share her olfactory knowledge at NEOCON and IIDA hosted seminar events.

The start of 2014 Rachel began a new adventure and is currently giving back to young, eager designers by teaching at Arizona State University Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. This experience has allowed her to explore, to get lost, and to reawaken the creative soul within.