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Why Learn from Designstein?

IDCEC Approved LogoDesignstein courses are registered with and approved by The Interior Design Continuing Education Council IDCEC and have been presented through professional organizations such as the International Interior Design Association.

Our courses are taught by degreed and credentialed design professionals with experience in teaching for institutions of higher education including universities, private, and community colleges. Learn more about our current professors.

Expand your portfolio, build your brand, increase your value, kick some ass!

Our classes are designed for your busy schedule and priced for accessibility.

  • Designstein courses are POTENTEach course is optimized to ensure you learn as much useful information as possible. Each and every Designstein course you take will change your life!
  • Designstein courses are AFFORDABLE. For a fraction of the price colleges and universities charge, you get top quality learning and the ability to engage your peers – others taking your course. Want more? Some geniuses even offer Office Hours!
  • Designstein courses are ACTIONABLE. No far-fetched grandiose theories or ideas that only mean something to your professor. Designstein courses are packed with relevant, applicable, and super-useful information that will transform your creative work and practice!
  • Designstein courses are taught by innovative and dynamic creative GENIUSES.  White-collar smartypants from the corporate realm, blue-jean-wearing professors from university programs and red-hot creative entrepreneurs from around the globe!

Our classes are offered both in-person, and online, and satisfy the CEU requirements for many professional design accrediting agencies.

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Our Mission

To offer creative professors an open stage, and students a front row seat.

Designstein is an online and in-person learning lab for creative professionals. We offer quality education, immediately actionable, for a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time.

Our teachers are experienced, innovative, and dynamic. Genius so electric normal brick and mortar walls cannot contain them. Our students are design professionals hungry for growth, thirsty for knowledge, and passionate about succeeding in their craft.

As practicing college and university professors, our founders wanted to build a place where they could offer courses unrestricted by governing boards, teaching load requirements, and archaic curriculum design.

A design instruction playground!

A place where creative and hungry designers could learn  from paralleled professors, without bureaucratic red tape and exorbitant tuition fees.
Designstein provides creative inspiration, improves client relationships, and increases the competitive edge for designers and creative professionals. We help people design better, reduce risk, and focus on what they love about their work, leading to more of those AHA! moments.

Most designers lament that while they seek specialization within their field, aspire to be impactful with their work, and long to focus less on generating business and more on creative activity, they lack the quality resources and training to have true success in these areas.

Designstein fills the gap by providing easy to access, entertaining, inexpensive, and immediately actionable creative learning experiences that can not only provide the required continuing education credits for licensed practitioners, but increase the value and confidence for all aspiring and established creative professionals.